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URGENT - Animal Welfare Reform (Victoria Only)

The closing date for this submission is midnight 14th December 2020 

We have provided some guidelines and additional material to assist you in completing the online surveyYou can of course, write your own submission.

“We have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to change the law for non-human animals.”   ~  Dr Tamasin Ramsay


The current law that aims to protect animals from cruelty is the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act (POCTA), first written in 1986. However, POCTA fails to adequately protect animals which became clear during the recent Inquiry into Animal Activism. The purpose of this government consultation is to reform the animal welfare law in Victoria, by replacing the current POCTA Act with a revised and improved legislative framework. 

Internationally, Australia gets a “D” for animal welfare. Our laws are speciesist, which means we humans put the interests of all other animal species far beneath our own. Species are then further classified depending on their relationship and interaction with humans. For example, most dogs are companion animals and considered by many to be family members, yet other dogs are used for entertainment (e.g. greyhounds) or farm work (e.g. herding dogs) and so are not afforded the same protections.  Until our laws treat all animals equitably, we must do our best to make sure that the fundamental interests of other species are protected at the very least. With this in mind, we have the guide below to help you respond to the survey and a separate guide to help you prepare your written submission. 


● Read the government documents

Summary of Proposals: a four page summary of the government’s key changes that focuses on three areas
i. Safeguarding animal welfare
ii. Creating a simplified and flexible legislation
iii. Improving compliance and enforcement
Directions Paper: a 56 page document that provides background to explain the government’s proposal.

Complete the survey

○ The survey is a targeted response to the key issues for which the government is seeking feedback.

● Prepare and upload a written submission

○ The submission process gives you the freedom to provide feedback about any issues related to animal welfare, in whichever way you prefer.

Use our guide to help you with the survey.

Please note: you can complete the survey or write and upload a submission, or you can complete both tasks. We will soon also provide a guide for submissions.
"For the first time in the history of Victorian law, animal sentience will be recognised. Let's make it mean something" ~ Dr Tamasin Ramsay

Thank you for helping to make the world a better place for all animals