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Ban Live Export

The live export industry is one of cruelty and suffering for exported animals. From the moment they are herded onto the death ships, these animals spend weeks standing painfully in their own excrement, struggling to find a space to lie down or access food and water.

Forty years of government reports and media exposés have shone a light on this shameful industry. Who can forget the image of a newborn lamb drowning in filth or a ewe being cooked alive from the heat?

Exporting live animals to any country is cruel, cannot be made humane and is neither ethically or economically justifiable. The Animal Justice Party opposes the commercial export – whether by sea or air – of live animals, including cows, sheep, buffaloes, camels, alpacas, goats, horses and greyhounds.

The Animal Justice Party rejects any inadequate measures, including summertime pauses on exports, banning the export of sheep only, or any increased regulation that will allow this cruel industry to continue operating. 

There is a new opportunity that the Animal Justice Party’s policies will support. As more and more people move away from eating meat and towards a plant-based diet, there is growing demand for cell-cultured meat and plant-based meat alternatives. Research shows we have a $3 billion opportunity to rapidly grow this industry, creating thousands of cruelty-free jobs in the process.

Australia has an opportunity to shift away from cruel, inhumane practises that see animals endure horrific suffering. Instead, let’s support new, ethical and prosperous industries to grow, succeed, and support local communities. Please sign on and register your support for our call to: 

  1. Introduce legislation to ban all live animal exports from Australia. 
  2. Hold a Senate inquiry into how to best support Australian farmers and food producers to benefit from these new opportunities in cell-cultured meat and plant-based meat alternatives.

Ban Live Export

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