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Who We Are

We aim to give a political voice to animals, to pursue the vital issues of animal protection through Australia’s political system and to encourage political parties to adopt animal-friendly policies.

Our MPs, members, and volunteers lobby for tougher animal protection laws and increased penalties for convicted animal abusers. Together we fight for better regulations around the trade of companion animals and advocate for better education and awareness of the treatment of animals.

We understand the way to do this is to support sustainable and ethical practices that raise the status of animals, strengthen our economy, lower our healthcare costs and ensure we create a bright future for our animals and our children.

Together we’re fighting for a brighter future for animals, people and the planet.


Our Vision

A planet on which animals and nature have the right to live and thrive free from negative human interference and a human society which functions with kindness and compassion within its ecological limits as a responsible member of the Earth community.

Our Mission

To secure the interests of animals and nature through Australia’s democratic institutions of government.


How will we achieve our goals

  • An education system which fosters in its values an awareness of the natural and animal worlds, and of human responsibility to ensure the wellbeing of the Earth and its inhabitants
  • A political system in which participatory, deliberative democracy can be exercised so that citizens have the ability to express their true concerns about the treatment of animals
  • An administrative system in which governments and institutions deal with animal and environmental issues in a transparent, honourable and accountable manner
  • An economic system in which ethics, the protection of the natural world and its inhabitants, and the realisation of capability of all beings are highly valued for their intrinsic role
  • A societal system in which we acknowledge that it is our human duty and responsibility to ensure the wellbeing of all animals
  • A robust legal system that recognises and protects the interests and capabilities of humans, animals and their environment
  • A population settlement and land use system that is truly sustainable for all its inhabitants and ecosystems


Download the Animal Justice Party Charter.