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Animal Experimentation

The Animal Justice Party will strive to put an end to the confinement, pain and distress inflicted on animals for scientific experimentation. We oppose the use of animals in experimentation unless it can be demonstrated that the experimentation will not harm the animal and will benefit research and the individual animals involved.

Animals as models for humans in medical science is frequently misleading and we support new technologies with improved predictive power. As an interim measure, Governments at all levels have a responsibility to prevent the suffering of animals of any species for research, whether it be for scientific, commercial or military purposes.

Key Objectives

  1. To review ARC and NHMRC funding to ensure suitable support is being provided for non-animal experimentation.
  2. To implement educational programs at all levels that replace current animal models with new and effective technologies; many of which already exist.
  3. To review project funding priorities of the Federal Government’s Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation to ensure there is no support for animals used as resources.
  4. To ensure that commercial chemical products, including cleaning agents and toiletries are clearly labelled to indicate whether they have or have not been tested on animals.
  5. To immediately ban the use of stray dogs and cats in animal research.
  6. To phase-out ARC and NHMRC funding towards experiments that involve the use of animals, except where there are net benefits to the animals concerned.

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