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Animal Law

We seek a new legal status for animals, acknowledging their right to live protected from human harm.

Key Objectives

  1. To establish a federal Animal Rights Commission to investigate commercial animal exploitation and promote animal rights.
  2. To abolish the property status of animals and introduce uniform legislation protecting animals from human interference or harm.
  3. Until AJP’s uniform legislation is in place, we will also campaign to remove exemptions from existing animal welfare laws (e.g. industry codes of practice). No one should be above the law.
  4. To introduce a publicly-funded Independent Animal Protection Agency (IAPA) in each state to enforce the new legislation.
  5. To facilitate information sharing between law enforcement agencies to stamp out animal abuse and interpersonal violence.
  6. To assert Australian sovereignty over all laws protecting animals, regardless of international trade treaties, until trading nations sign a Universal Convention of Non-Human Animal Rights.

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