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Democracy has multiple attributes, it isn’t just one thing. 

The AJP agrees that a strong and robust democracy is required to achieve lasting reform in animal and environmental protection. Animals, nature and people will suffer more when there is less scrutiny and input into the decisions that impact us all. The AJP supports the rule of law, the principle of responsible government, and the separation of powers. 

The AJP also supports measures to prevent elected politicians from serving as paid lobbyists within five years of ending their political career, as this creates a clear conflict of interest.

The AJP supports Compulsory preferential voting (CPV) in all Lower House elections, and advocates for more to be done to educate voters on our electoral system. For Upper Houses or “houses of review”, like the Federal Senate or a Legislative Council, the AJP supports preferential, proportional representation by single transferable vote (STV).

The AJP supports legislation to stamp out misleading and deceptive political advertising, as it interferes with voters’ ability to make informed decisions. 

The AJP supports lowering the voting age to 16, and investigating ways of further engaging young people in democracy. 

More radical, transformative reforms should be considered. The AJP supports trials of citizen panels or juries to decide complex and divisive issues.

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