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Greyhound Racing

he Animal Justice Party (AJP) is opposed to greyhound racing and the use of animals for “sport” and entertainment. Specifically, we do not believe that the greyhound racing industry can be safely regulated for the animals’ sake, and acknowledge the repercussions of gambling on human mental health, domestic violence and financial stress. Therefore, we promote non-violent, community-friendly events that are also free from animal exploitation.

Key Objectives

  1. End greyhound racing in every state and the Northern Territory.
  2. Until the industry is phased out, fund non-profit volunteer run greyhound rescue groups who undertake rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of greyhounds while educating the public about the horrors of racing.
  3. Redirect government funding and subsidies into transitioning those employed by the industry into non-exploitative jobs and careers.
  4. Legislate a ban on the commercial live export of greyhounds.

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