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The AJP supports a universal publicly funded healthcare system.

We want to broaden the focus in health policy from just treating disease to also improving health. We believe the biggest gains in health, longevity and economy are to be gained by improving people’s knowledge and access to healthy diet and exercise opportunities.

Our key dietary goal is to shift Australia’s food focus towards healthy plant-based wholefoods. This will greatly reduce the rates of many illnesses.

Related policies:

  1. Human diet and animals
  2. Education
  3. Mental Health

Key Objectives

  1. To educate all health care professionals on the benefits of plant based diets.
  2. To expand and refocus programs teaching people how to improve their diet and exercise habits.
  3. To phase out subsidies to intensive animal industries because they are both cruel and provide a breeding ground for new diseases which pose large public health risks.
  4. To end all subsidies to the red and processed meat industries. Eating large amounts of red and processed meats (which includes pig meat) can have serious health impacts, particularly in relation to cancer, heart disease, diabetes and obesity.
  5. To improve food labelling to clearly indicate any components of animal origin.
  6. To end unnecessary public funding of research on drugs that address diseases best managed by simple lifestyle choices.
  7. To end the inappropriate use of antibiotics because of the risks of creating antibiotic resistant bacteria.
  8. To ensure funding of health services is provided at the state level, with an end to vertical fiscal imbalances that cause a lack of accountability at all levels.

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