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People without a home is an indictment on our society

Everyone has the right to adequate housing. The Animal Justice Party urges the Australian Commonwealth, state and territory governments to meet their international obligations to ensure that everyone has access to affordable, stable housing that provides privacy, space, security, lighting, heating/ventilation, sanitation and reasonable access to essential services.

Over 116,000 people in Australia fall under the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ definition of homeless. Homelessness significantly impacts vulnerable groups such as the unemployed, First Nations People (especially in remote communities), youth, seniors, migrants, those with disabilities or mental health issues and victim-survivors of family and domestic violence. These issues are compounded when people have companion animals and/or insecure housing. Insecure housing affects both people and companion animals. It is a major cause of animal surrenders. Vulnerable groups living
with animals are at a greater risk of housing instability. Lack of animal-friendly housing options may cause individuals to remain in unsafe or precarious living situations in order to remain with their animals.

The AJP recognises and is guided by the expertise of the Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS) on homelessness. Accordingly, the AJP supports prevention and intervention measures advocated by ACOSS in 2020 to combat homelessness, including a proactive national housing strategy, sustained investment in affordable housing, and tax reform. 

We will support any further inquiries or trials that aim to look at the underlying economics and effectiveness of interventions that prevent homelessness.

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