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Legislation that protects kangaroos, wallabies and other macropods is urgently required. We must work to counter the misinformation from those with commercial interests so that kangaroos are valued for their intrinsic worth. We must help maintain their basic needs, instead of seeing them as resources or pests.

Key Objectives

  1. To rapidly phase out the commercial killing of kangaroo and wallabies and close down processing industries.
  2. To change negative attitudes to kangaroos and wallabies through widespread eduction about their considerable ecological benefits.
  3. To reform relevant legislation, policies and the agencies that administer them to prohibit the killing or brutalising of kangaroos and wallabies.
  4. To increase and enforce penalties for deliberate wildlife cruelty.
  5. To encourage increased growth in and support for kangaroo friendly wildlife-based tourism in Australia.
  6. To review the policies for licensing and the operational practices of wildlife caring and rehabilitation groups and individuals.
  7. To prohibit the use of barbed wire fencing in rural residential areas where it is a hazard to macropods as well as birds and bats.
  8. To ensure adequate kangaroo corridors are implemented during all relevant development projects.

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