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Mental Health

AJP will work with existing mental health experts to integrate animal care and interaction with existing programs.

The AJP believes that just as diet and exercise are crucial for physical wellbeing, caring relationships are crucial for mental wellbeing. In particular, having an animal friend is a great way to keep well adjusted. The challenge is to make the relationship beneficial for both parties.

Wildlife rescue and rehabilitation can also give people an avenue for selfless contribution that can enhance self image. But wildlife care also involves mental health risks. Animal rescuers are frequently under resourced and may be disturbed by the human cruelty whose consequences they may have to deal with.

Key Objectives

  1. To expand opportunities for human-animal interaction in ways that benefit both.
  2. To expand funding for sanctuaries and wildlife rescue and rehabilitation projects.
  3. To fund mental health programs to service the needs of those suffering trauma from their work in animal rescue, rehabilitation or advocacy.
  4. To rapidly phase out violent industries exploiting animals which negatively impact mental health.

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