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Urban Animals

The Animal Justice Party recognises the inherent value of liminal animals and their right to continue living in our towns and cities. We reject violence as a form of population control and promote a new relationship with our non-human neighbours based on respect and kindness. The best outcomes are achieved when we learn about animals’ needs.

Key Objectives

  1. Replace lethal population control methods currently used by city councils with humane methods centred on deterrence, care, contraception and relocation – whichever are most appropriate to a specific population.
  2. Implement city council schemes that reduce human food waste and eliminate unintentional or unhealthy food sources for animals.
  3. Educate residents on the needs of liminal animals to promote positive human-animal interactions and deter unwanted or detrimental interactions. Liminal animals are a valuable educational link between urban areas and nature.
  4. Promote urban biodiversity and healthy, inter-species competition by planting native flora and re-establishing local ecosystems.
  5. Introduce city council design and building standards that cater for the needs of liminal animals while preventing human animal conflict (for example, integrated nesting/housing where appropriate).
  6. Structure our cities and transport systems to cause minimum impact to resident animals (see our Wildlife Rescue policy).
  7. Regrow greenbelts between human settlements and wildlife habitat and cease urban sprawl which forces surviving wildlife into urban areas (see also our Land Clearing policy).
  8. Legalise and fund the rescue, rehabilitation and release of injured liminal animals regardless of species.
  9. Amend any legislation and policy which fails to consider the differences between urban and other populations of species, including their unique needs and impacts.
  10. Reduce the impact of human noise and light on liminal animals, which will depend on the source and local environment

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