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The AJP recognises that wombats and their rights to protection, quality of life and habitat preservation are the responsibility of all Australians. We have a unique role in caring for this iconic marsupial and a duty to the rest of the world to do this.

Wombats as sentient beings should be able to safely roam throughout their habitat; free from human-mediated harm through shooting, poisoning, dog attack, road kill and culling.

Key Objectives

  1. To change farming and forestry practices to prevent harm to wombats or their burrows.
  2. To ensure only non-lethal methods of wombat management are used.
  3. To harmonise laws protecting wombats throughout Australia and to ensure effective enforcement and penalties.
  4. To require that all development proposals take into account the presence of wombats with environmental assessment being undertaken by experts. Where infrastructure is at risk from wombats, then wombat friendly fencing and barriers should be used as required.
  5. Wombat corridors across roads need to be monitored and research undertaken to find methods to mitigate harm.
  6. To provide guidance and support to farmers suffering financial loss due to wombat damage to fences and/or infrastructure.
  7. Farmers need to be prevented from using riparian zones as areas of economic activity. This will prevent conflict with wombats and preserve natural riparian processes and wildlife corridors.
  8. To ensure that all properties claiming problems with wombats must be inspected by qualified experts. Any wombats harmed or reported to be in danger must be examined by these experts, who can provide advice and education on wombat behaviour and needs.
  9. To support the training of community and landholder/landcare groups to observe, monitor and treat wombats suffering from mange. Wombats have a right to be free of this introduced disease

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