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The AJP only supports zoos, marine parks and aquariums where they function in the service of animals. Functions may include breeding of endangered animals, rescue and rehabilitation and serving as a permanent home for animals where release is impossible. Thus all zoos, marine parks and aquariums will join those already evolving to become even more like conservation parks and sanctuaries. Conservation should be carried out in the native land of the species in their natural environment or as closely to as possible.

Visitors, where allowed, shouldn’t adversely impact animals.

Key Objectives

  1. To review existing legislation to ensure that all facilities holding animals meet high standards.
  2. To steadily phase-out government funding of all facilities holding animals that do not exist in the service of the animals involved.
  3. To ensure existing animal residents are appropriately cared for and not negatively impacted by funding phase-out.
  4. To invest in independent studies that assess the quality of life of all animals in captivity to ensure breeding programs, even for threatened species, still provide a worthwhile quality of life for the animals involved.
  5. To redirect government funds to sanctuaries and conservation parks which exist solely in the service of animals.
  6. For existing facilities that do not aim to transition, adequate funds must be provided to ensure relocation of all animals to safe and appropriate homes.
  7. To develop programs to educate on the intrinsic value of animals in their natural habitat rather than in captivity.
  8. To provide funding into threatened species programs abroad where the animals relocation to Australia will have negative impacts on the animals involved.

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